NATWP Podcast

Episode #146: Bugsplosion

Hosted by Natalie and Karen

August 14, 2017

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast hosts Karen and Natalie return to discuss the Teen Wolf season 6B premiere. This is the beginning of the end.

Featured Song: “Bones” by Wens

-Natalie kicks Karen off Not About the Weather.
-But Karen’s mom is in town so she’s happy anyway.
-We remembered favorite quotes again!
-Theo’s sequence made us so sad!
-What the heck are those spiders and how do they operate?
-Is this really the end of Theo?
-We’re really happy with the current plot on the show.
-We’re still feeling the Parrish and Lydia chemistry.
-Would Stiles have an issue with Lydia and Parrish being friends?
-We have theories about Eichen House.
-Fenris has never been a bad guy, but he’s not too great right now.
-Despite Lydia’s trauma, she goes to Eichen House because she’s a BAMF.
-Do we actually care about Brett?
-It’s never just lacrosse.
-Is Liam really the best person to protect Beacon Hills in Scott’s absence?
-Corey provides some good value.
-Chris returns!
-His password is also Allison.
-What is Ms. Monroe’s deal?
Teen Wolf is not subtle.
-But yay science!
-R.I.P. Aaron
-The night is dark and full of spiders.
-Malia is also not subtle.
-How are we feeling about Scalia?
-What’s actually causing everyone to be afraid of the pack?
-And what made Brett attack Ms. Monroe?
-Michael Hogan is super nice even though we hate Gerard Argent.
-Is Ms. Monroe redeemable?
-Sorry not sorry we’re still holding out hope for Isaac Lahey.
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