NATWP Podcast

Episode #150: Avoidant Walking

Hosted by Natalie and Karen

September 19, 2017

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast crosses the pond for “Werewolves of London,” episode 17 of Teen Wolf’s final season.

Featured Song: “Holy Grail” by Dead Posey

– We. Are. OBSESSED. With. Jethan.
– Seriously why did we not get this spin-off running concurrently the entire time.
– S E R I O U S L Y.
– Also do you know how much bank they must be making to afford that apartment???
– Anyway, EVERYONE got shot up in Scott’s house.
– Melissa still encouraging Scott still leaves us divided.
– Deucalion’s return is DELIGHTFUL and some of us were not even spoiled for it.
– Once again, Scott is told he needs to have Gerard killed.
– Little bit of sass in the Scottcalion friendship – would like to see more of their communication.
– Karen’s off writing dreamy fanfiction about all the Omega babies that Jethan want to adopt.
– What’s going on with Theo and Liam? Why is Theo so invested in Liam’s damage?
– One host may have deemed the scene in which Dead Evil Matt was mentioned as “the best scene in Teen Wolf history.”
– Monroe’s will is impenetrable and deeply misguided. How do people even think like this?
– Once again, what do all these people think Scott is actually going to pull off? Because at this point we have no idea.
– Oh no! Sheriff is de-Sherified!
– Peter Hale is a beautiful gift and we 100% cannot handle it.
– Best Peter/Malia scene ever, what a big overdramatic baby he is.
– We’re pretty confused about the Primal pack, though.
– What’s the Gabe/Nolan situation? Kind of odd.
– Which member of the Primal has now been taken by the Anuk-Ite?
– What’s with Lydia and Halwyn’s little mostly-dead chat?

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