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‘The 100’ Special #3 – The Lexa Thing

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Kristen Kranz

March 4, 2016

The 100 season 3, episode 7 called for another podcast special, because… well. The Lexa thing. Selina and Kristen dissect the mythology of “Thirteen,” and address the big, fandom-dividing twist.

– Flashing back to 97 years ago, we saw how Becca became the Grounders’ first Commander!
– What can ALIE 2 really do? Is it an independent entity? Does it imprint its personality on the Commanders or vice versa?
– Nightblood injection: was this to fight off radiation or to make someone compatible with the implant?
– Octavia and Indra, together again!
– Where will this epic journey take them next?
– Lexa was once again confronted with a choice and chose Clarke’s side. But did she really have a choice?
– Was Lexa really able to push her feelings for Clarke aside when making decisions?
– Clexa was literally sunshine this week
– Initial reactions to Lexa’s death: We’re heartbroken, but ultimately saw it coming
– Was the way she died too cheap and incidental, or appropriate for The 100?
– Lexa was such a force of good in this dark world. Is that why she had to die?
– Where will the show – and Clarke – go from here?
– Will Lexa come back via the tiny octopus? How much of her is really in there?
– We discuss the fandom response to Lexa’s death, outlining why fans are reacting so strongly, and discussing whether the show should/could have kept Lexa alive
– We cap off the show with some listener comments where you all get to share your views as well!

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