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‘The 100’ Season 2 Special: The Plot Thickens

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Pamela Gocobachi, Marama Whyte

January 23, 2017

Hypable’s Hype Podcast continues the big The 100 rewatch with season 2, which we all agree was a huge step up from season 1 — but it turns out we don’t agree about much else!

The Hype Podcast hosts are watching all three seasons of The 100 in preparation for the upcoming season 4! Selina is a huge fan of the show, while Pam and Marama (dubbed #Pamara by a listener) are watching for the first time! Listen to our season 1 discussion here.

This is the season when we meet Lexa for the first time, which has Selina very excited, while the newbies are wowed by certain other characters they previously disliked…

– Season 2 is so much better (and way more intense) than season 1
– Jaha is alive! The Mountain Men are evil! What surprised the newbies the most about the start of season 2?
– The Mountain scenes were hard to watch
– The Mountain Men/the Wallaces were a (heavy-handed) symbol of the old world/patriarchy, which was empathetically destroyed
– Finn’s crimes and fate: It was horrible, but Marama didn’t feel too bad for him after what he did
– The flashbacks and the reveal of Raven being the real spacewalker were awesome
– We lost Anya, but gained Lexa and Indra… which is great and all, but we still miss Anya
– First impressions of Lexa: Surprisingly, the newbies weren’t as into her as Selina had expected
– Marama in par
– Does Lexa have a negative effect on Clarke?
– Selina remembers the joy of experiencing Lexa and the birth of Clexa for the first time
– Lexa’s decision to abandon Skaikru at Mount Weather is not easy to accept
– Lincoln’s Reaper storyline was good in theory, but we don’t like that he’s being sidelined (even though we love Octavia’s story)
– Marama and Pam aren’t here for Jaha’s Moses quest, but Selina has a really good theory that explains everything
– KABBY! Marama’s ride or die ship went through some hardships this season, but ended up stronger for it
– We really appreciate Abby in general, and how The 100 subverts the typical teen show parent trope
– Our favorite characters of the season include Clarke, Lexa, Octavia, Raven, Monty and Bellamy
– Our favorite relationships and team-ups include Abby and Clarke, Kabby, Clexa and Bellarke
– We all loved “Spacewalker,” but what other episodes were our favorites this season?
– There were a few things we didn’t love so much about this season including Cage as a villain, the shock lashing, and… Lexa?
– Pam and Marama share their season 3 predictions! Aside from a few major spoilers, they have no idea what’s coming, which is a nice feeling.

We round out the show with Listener Feedback, which includes some criticisms of the Reapers and the delinquents’ ‘Earth Skills,’ as well as general appreciation for Murphy, Lexa, and the show as a metaphor for real life struggles.

The 100 season 4 premieres February 1, and you can expect our season 3 special some time within that week. If you like our discussion of The 100 make sure you listen to our regular weekly news show where we discuss the latest in entertainment — including The 100!

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