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‘The 100’ Season 3 Special: Casualties and Controversies

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Pamela Gocobachi, Marama Whyte

March 20, 2017

Hype Podcast is watching The 100 for the first time, and we’ve reached the fateful season 3!

So here we are. After liking season 1 and loving season 2, Pam and Marama have reached The 100 season 3 — and they have thoughts!

Hypable’s resident The 100 writer Selina does her best to guide them through the controversial season (sans voice — sorry guys!), as we discuss the big deaths, Pike, Bellamy, ALIE, and everything else.

The 100 has been renewed for season 5! Hooray!
– First impressions: Pam and Marama share their initial thoughts and Selina talks about her rewatch experience
The 100 has always been extreme, but did this season try to do too much and push too far?
– We discuss Pike’s rise to power in light of Trump
– Bellamy joining Pike: Did his motivation/perspective make sense? Was there enough build-up/explanation given in the story?
– Marama and Pam rage against the choice; Selina defends the show (what else is new?)
– The ALIE plot: The newbies loved it!
– The flashbacks and Commander reveal were really cool
– Deaths and controversies! We talk at length about Lexa, Lincoln and Sinclair
– We also touch on Bellamy’s involvement with Lincoln’s death and Octavia’s treatment of him later in the season
– Season 3B! Oh the glory of the delinquents getting back together: It felt like The 100 again
– Murphy’s arc, Emori and Ontari
– We finally meet Luna, the Nightblood Lexa didn’t kill at her conclave
– Is Jasper really The Worst? One host definitely thinks so…
– We pick our favorite characters, relationships, episodes and moments
– The big question: Are Pam and Marama The 100 fans now?!
– Hooray! Season 4 theories! Finally Selina can play along.

We round out the show with a lengthy Listener Feedback segment featuring lots of responses to Lexa and Lincoln’s deaths, general appreciation for The 100 and much more.

The 100 season 4 premieres February 1, and you can expect our season 3 special some time within that week. If you like our discussion of The 100 make sure you listen to our regular weekly news show where we discuss the latest in entertainment — including The 100!

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