HeroHype #9 – Ten Dollars

Hosted by Jimmy Bean, Jeff Martin, Mark Costello

July 25, 2012

In the latest exciting episode of Hypable’s HeroHype, Jeff and Jimmy return from their long slumber as Mark Costello joins in on the longest and most important episode so far.

-Jimmy owes Jeff five dollars because Spider’s web shooters were broken in his final confrontation with the Lizard.

-We put on our critic faces and discuss The Amazing Spider-Man.

– Old man Jeff misses the old days when popcorn was a dollar and a sequel wasn’t guaranteed.

-We jump into Marvels Phase 2 announcements and talk about why ditching sequel numbers is a great idea.

-Bucky is going to be how old for ‘The Winter Soldier’?

– Edgar Wright showed test footage from Ant-Man and Mark thinks he knows what’s at the end of Iron Man 3.

-Jimmy owes Jeff another five bucks because Catwoman made a cat joke in Dark Knight Rises. Damn that handsome man.

– We take the last forty minutes discussing The Dark Knight Rises, its many flaws, and why Mark and Jimmy still had a blast watching it.

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