HeroHype #6 – Avengers Nerdvana

Hosted by Jimmy Bean, Jeff Martin, Pat McCoy, John Thrasher

May 6, 2012

Hypable’s HeroHype is finally back just in time to assemble for The Avengers! We’ve all seen it, and we’ve also seen the new trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises on the big screen!

On this episode of HeroHype:

  • We’re back! Avengers has awoken us from our slumber! Even Pat showed up!
  • Extra! You need to go and see The Avengers right now.
  • We agree that it’s hard to talk about the movie with out at least spoiling it a little bit.
  • We discuss the trailers that hit us before The Avengers
  • Amazing Spider-Man was one of them, so we listen to it and give our thoughts!
  • The Lizard kinda looks like the goombas from Super Mario Bros.
  • Andrew Garfield will be a great Spider-Man, and we tell you why
  • Jeff briefs the listeners on the Leonardo DiCaprio syndrome that Jimmy believes Tobey Maguire sometimes suffered from in Spider-Man
  • The Avengers was a dream come true
  • We go through the buildup leading up to The Avengers
  • We talk about our favorite scenes, our favorite lines, and our favorite moments from the movie.
  • Spoiler Hulk drops by to make sure that we don’t spoil anything major for our listeners.
  • We talk about how The Hulk stole the show and how Hulk worked better in The Avengers than he did in any other film.
  • Jeff wins a bet
  • John hacks into our podcast recording session and tells us his immediate Avengers reaction. He’s literally on his phone on the way home from seeing the movie. We find out that he was texting us during the movie and he’s a sassypants about it.
  • We discuss the only real flaw with the movie: It’s too much fun.
  • Pat has to leave, but we talk about where The Avengers might go from here
  • Spoiler Hulk returns to save the listeners from some serious spoilers.
  • We play and discuss the new Dark Knight Rises trailer that also debuted before The Avengers
  • Thanks for listening!

Questions or comments about Comic Book movies or HeroHype? Leave them as a comment below this post and we may answer/read them on our next episode!

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