Hero Hype Podcast

Episode #53 – The Fastest Plot Alive

Hosted by Donya, Caitlin and Maj

October 17, 2017

After a dip in the Lazarus Pit, Hero Hype is back! Donya and Caitlin return with a brand-new addition to the team, recapping the back half of The Flash and Supergirl.

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– News of our demise was… premature. We’re back, and we’ve brought a friend!
– We’re getting up-to-speed ahead of the season premieres. First up, Supergirl.
– Lets talk the Daxamite in the room: Mon-El.
– Ooooh boy, do we have a lot to say about Mon-El.
– How about the other relationships on the show? Like Sanvers, and Wynn and Lyra?
– Did they do James justice in the back half of the show? Or is he still criminally underused?
– What about Kara and Lena’s friendship? As well as J’onn and M’gann finding common ground?
– Finally, how did we feel about Clark’s return and Kara besting him in a fight?
– (But for real, are we done with the Daxamite thing now?)
– It’s Musical Crossover time and… well. Opinions are mixed.
– Now for The Flash.
– Was Savitar a successful villain? Did we like the reveal?
– Are they really balancing Time Travel with the Consequences?
– We’ve got to talk about the Grodd two-parter, of course!
– Other points of discussion: Caitlin as Killer Frost, how many Harrison Wells?, and the Speed Force.
– Finally: Did they jump the Flashpoint shark?

We cover feedback from: Steph, Andrew, Ev and Cammie.

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