Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #67 – He Was Our Person

Hosted by John Thrasher, Jack Farrugia, Natalie Fisher, and Mitchel Clow

October 11, 2013

The Cory Monteith remembrance episode rocked the Glee Chatters. Listen in to their emotional recap of 5×03 “The Quarterback.”

-This was probably the most emotional episode we’ve seen on TV in a while.

-Amongst all of this, it’s Jack’s birthday!

-Mitch and Jack reflect on their solo episode.

-We all approached our grieving in different ways toward both Cory and Finn’s death.

-The story picked up 3 weeks after the funeral, which helped the show progress a little easier.

-Natalie points out that this wasn’t a plot point; if Cory didn’t pass, Finn most likely wouldn’t have. This was more of a way for the actors to grieve on camera.

-We found it odd that the 2.0’s were in “Seasons of Love”

-Heather Morris couldn’t be on because she was either near giving birth or just had given birth. We still missed her!

-We could tell that Amber Riley was showing more emotion in the scene than she was allowed to keep in the studio recording.

-The scene where they packed up Finn’s things blurred the actor’s acting with reality.

-How did we feel about the way the lamp was dealt with?

-Santana and Sue’s confrontation was too perfect.

-Puck’s feature in this episode was appreciated, for both his relationship with Finn, and the two actor’s relationship with each other.

-We analyze why Finn is called “The Quarterback.”

-How did we feel about Santana’s making fun of Finn?

-Tina’s scene about her black clothes was either really callous or just her own way of dealing with things.

-Who’s following who on Twitter? Or does that even matter…

-We have a fun Hypable connection to the dumpster scene.

-Jack states that Lea is one of the strongest actors he knows.

-It felt like Puck’s storyline was wrapped up for good when he went to go join the military.

-Mitch gives everyone a flood warning.

-Let’s just say that we’re happy this wasn’t a live video podcast episode.

-Why. Did. Will. Take. That. Jacket.

-Glee Chat will be on a hiatus until Glee returns on November 7th.

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