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‘Gilmore Girls’ Special #11: The Hype Girls Talk ‘Summer’

Hosted by Marama Whyte, Pamela Gocobachi, Selina Wilken

January 14, 2017

Hype Podcast discusses “Summer,” the penultimate episode of the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Netflix revival. Super Gilmore fans Pam and Marama have watched the entire revival, but Selina is somehow, miraculously, still spoiler free. What did we think of this episode, and how do we think this is all going to end?

– We disagree on the episode ranking (so far) of A Year in the Life
– Is “Summer” a Lorelai episode vs “Spring” as a Rory episode?
– Literally how are Luke and Lorelai still together if this is how their relationship works
– Michel breaks our collective hearts
– We review Stars Hollow: The Musical
– Rory and Logan are the worst and deserve each other
– Is Rory doing a Lord of the Rings “there and back again” with her book?
– LOL “Doing Wild
– Solving the case of the mostly missing Emily Gilmore
– Cameo Watch!
– Newbie Selina makes her Gilmore Girls predications for the very last time! Sad face!
– Selina shares her mind-blowing Carole King theory
– We take issue with the out-of-character poolside fat shaming and the 30-Something Club
– Listener feedback covers Rory’s book, One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek, all of the thoughts on the musical, and more
– And don’t forget to check out our The 100 rewatch specials!

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