Episode #9 – TVD: April Is The Key

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Sonya Faria, Tariq Herzallah, Kristen Kranz

November 10, 2012

Vampire Hype is back to discuss The Vampire Diaries episode 4×05 “The Killer”! Elena killed Connor, Jeremy became a Hunter, April is the key to the whole series (no really)… so much to discuss. We brought in Tariq’s Sorkin Series co-host Kristen for this week’s episode, and had a great discussion which we hope you all enjoy.


– Kristen’s Vampire Hype audition
– So. The diaries are back…
– What is Shane up to? Why does he need Bonnie?
– Are the Hunters really evil?
– If David Alpay read the Vampire Diaries audiobooks, we’d be all about them
– Jeremy’s a Hunter now. Called it! We’re on a roll
– Will Bonnie be able to see the Hunter tattoos?
– We want a female Hunter (read: Slayer)
– Five original siblings, five Hunters – coincidence?!
– Surprise! Sonya joins the discussion
– Connor said that April has “everything” to do with this, and she vaguely remembers him, why?
– Listener theory: is April the key to the cure?
– It ended up being Elena who killed Connor. Badass moment! But is she overreacting?
– Damon/Stefan scene: Damon calls out Stefan on not being able to love Elena as a vampire (we called that too!), and says that he’ll help him, but Damon is “fine with her either way”
– Stelena shippers, are you shaking in your boots?
– It’s time for Kristen’s Big Bang Theory reference of the w…wait, what?
-Would Elena turn human only to turn into a vampire again?
– Caroline/Tyler/Hayley: “Yeah, I don’t do teen drama,” Hayley says, and we snigger about The Secret Circle
– Is Tyler telling the truth?
– Promo Katherine: real or not real?
– Stefan is losing control
– Listener feedback: We discuss theories about Elena sacrificing the cure for someone else and Damon turning human, and defend our love for Rebekah.

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