Episode #8 – The Trailer Review Show

Hosted by Andrew Sims, Richard Reid, Selina Wilken, Kimmy West, Brooke Tarnoff

November 18, 2011

The latest episode of Hypable and Mockingjay’s Hunger Games Chat is here! Listen in as we carry out an in-depth analysis on the new trailer for The Hunger Games along with discussing the latest news!

Joining us this week for this special episode is NextMovie.com’s Brooke Tarnoff along with our regular hosts Andrew, Richard, Selina and Kimmy.


– Discussing the latest pictures that appeared in People Magazine.
– Discussion about The Square, where fans can campaign to become District mayors. Not everyone likes this idea.
– Lionsgate COO gives some information regarding the financial targets of the franchise, the Chinese release and the lack of IMAX.
– In-depth look at the newest trailer for the upcoming movie, with a scene-by-scene analysis.
– Does District 12 look like we imagined it in the books?
– Why does Effie have an Capitol accent but other members don’t?
– Does Katniss look too much like Prim’s mom?
– Drunken Haymitch is still missing.
– Tribute clothing: Coming soon to a Hot Topic near you.
– Listener feedback to the trailer.
– … And MUCH more!

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