Episode #8 – Spread It Like Wildfire!

Hosted by Pamela Gocobachi, Jessica Chapman, Patricia Spence, Selina Wilken

November 15, 2012

Join the Talks of Camelot crew as we catch you up on all the latest Merlin news and break down the latest episode of season 5, “The Dark Tower”!

– We catch you up on all the latest Merlin news you may have missed! From soundtrack release dates to upcoming episode synopses– we’ve got it all!
– The hosts discuss Hypable’s ongoing BattleShips competition! Merthur’s going strong but they’ll need a big voter turn out when they go up against Glee’s Klaine this coming week!
– Jess reveals why her love for Merlin got her ‘fired’ from Hypable’s Glee Chat podcast
– We recap one of the scariest Merlin episodes to date– “The Dark Tower”!
– The hosts discuss their favorite moments in the episode and give their reactions to the appearance of the illusive Queen Mab
– Pam reveals her new Merlin OTP
– Why was the illusion of Merlin in the Dark Tower the only one who looked like he was legitimately going to attack Gwen while the illusions of Arthur and Elyan simply laughed at her?
– It’s easy to assume the enchanted sword was meant to kill Arthur but could the enchanted sword always have been meant for Elyan?
– Now that we know Gwen is Morgana’s ‘puppet queen’, the hosts theorize on how Morgana’s control over Gwen could be working– do we think it’s a spell or has the Queen of Camelot been brainwashed?
– All these questions and more are discussed during our episode recap discussion!
– Patricia leads us through our teaser trailer talk for this week’s upcoming episode of Merlin, “A Lesson In Vengeance”
– We read a few comments from Hypable readers and hear what they have to say about Gwen turning against Merlin, Arthur and the Knights of Camelot.
– We wrap up the show this week with your listener feedback and questions!
– One listener brings up Bradley James’ interview for A Night Less Ordinary from 2009 and the hosts discuss what Bradley had to say about how he thinks Arthur should react to the magic reveal

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