Episode #8 – Enter Couch Joke Here

Hosted by Coty Chanley-Jones, Jessica O'Neal, Mitchel Clow, Megan Stoll, Roxanne Clark

March 13, 2012

This week’s Smash episode “Chemistry” excited two co-hosts from Glee Chat so much that they decided to be on the podcast this week: Roxanne Clark and Megan Stoll! They’re joined by Mitch, Jess, and the lovely Coty (the last of whom has just returned from his D.C. trip).

-Coty announces that he won’t be able to be on Smash Chat every week due to an overload of work in school, but that Megan will be taking over his role as a permanent co-host

-Roxanne schools Mitch on what the actor who plays Tom on Smash SHOULD be known for, as opposed to Emmet from Legally Blonde The Musical

-Why does Sneaky Bastard think it’s his job to report on everything that’s going on to Eileen?! Leave her alone!

-We finally get to see the scene of Julia’s “big kiss” with Michael that was teased a while back ago-darn it NBC!

-Tom is still with John the lawyer this week, against the predictions of Megan and Jess that the couple was over last week

-Coty brilliantly comes up with names for the girls when they’re Marilyn:
Karolyn and Ivy-lyn.

-Coty hums a beautiful rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

-We weren’t a big fan of the song Karen sang at the Bar Mitzvah; Coty even fast forwarded through it

-Roxanne makes an acute observation about Ivy’s fall on the couch…

-Bernadette Peters will be on next week’s Smash as Ivy’s mom!

-In the news, we discuss the great increase in ratings, along with the upcoming episode’s official descriptions

Bonus: Coty describes what his very morbid wedding will be like.

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