Episode #8 – Columbus

Hosted by Mitchel Clow, Ben Zautner, Britney MacKinnon, Simone Poinga-Hill

February 4, 2013

Ash discovers new lands in the latest episode of Poké Chat, where we recap 1×13 “Mystery at the Lighthouse” and 1×14 “Electric Shock Showdown.”

-The show finally describes what happens when a trainer catches more than six Pokémon.
-Both Bill and Professor Oak state that their cooks are out of town at the same time… hmmmm
-Why/how was Mewtwo on Bill’s door?
-Apparently, Dragonite’s call is the best music to dance to. Ever.
-Do Pokémon need to eat if they’re always in their Pokéballs?
-Raichu knows 6 or more moves, but Pikachu uses the environment in a smart way to fight back.
-If Team Rocket wanted to be less conspicuous, they should’t have held a flag with their logo on it while “in disguise.”
-Is Nurse Joy possessed by Mewtwo at this point? Where’d she get that Thunderstone?
-Poké fun includes a highlight of Gallade, and an awesome Magikarp sweep video.
-News includes X and preorders, semi-convincincing Fakémon, and a White House petition to have official USA state Pokémon.
-The hosts finally explain the origin of the album art.
-References: How Pokéballs work (thanks to @MarioPadilla); Mario Party 2: Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing; Smosh’s Pokémon in Real Life!

*BONUS* Mitch and Ben discuss their woes of recording podcasts in dorm rooms.

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