Episode #7 – Jeff Explains Everything To Everyone

Hosted by Jimmy Bean, Jeff Martin and John Thrasher

May 20, 2012

In the latest exciting issue of HeroHype, Jimmy Jeff and John discuss how The Avengers stands up to multiple viewings, where the Marvel Cinematic Universe will go from here, and the recent four minute clip released from the climax of The Amazing Spider-Man.

– Show Opening and introduction
– Iron Man 3 casting information and storyline explanation
– Avengers replay and sequel speculation
– We discuss Thor 2 and the possible introduction of Beta Ray Bill
– Jeff explains Guardian of the Galaxy and The Inhumans to…well..everyone
– We talk about how a Doctor Strange movie should be done and speculate when Ant-Man will be out.
-We analyze the four minute released bridge scene from the climax of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’
-Jeff wants to go out for Shawarma