NATWP Podcast

Episode #6 – Bite Sized – A Bite of The Book

Hosted by Natalie Fisher, Karen Rought

December 12, 2012

Welcome to the very first Bite Sized episode of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast where we take one aspect of the fandom and discuss it in a mini-episode! This time around, Natalie and Karen talk about the Teen Wolf novel On Fire.

What is a Bite Sized episode, and what are our future plans with this new feature of the podcast?

Did we like or dislike the book, and why?

Is the book considered canon?

Discussion Points:
-Derek and his sister have a strong relationship. Were we surprised?
-We still think Derek and Kate’s relationship is predatory and gross. Did the author try to justify it by claiming that Derek was “mateable”?
-What do we think about the concepts of mates in general? Weird or realistic?
-Was Scott’s father abusive? Did Stiles’ mom really die of cancer? We agree that these are significant details, and question whether it was smart to initially present them in the book.
-We wonder where Allison’s grandmother is and how she fits into the hunting family.
-We basically love Danny forever.
-Who or what do we think the silver wolf is? Is this a clue for season 3? Did we find any others?

Make sure you tell us what Bite Sized episode you want to see next, and give us more ideas for future episodes!

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