Episode #6 — A Knowing Grin

Hosted by Pam, Patricia, Jess, and Andrea

November 1, 2012

The Talks of Camelot crew is joined by yet another guest host this week to talk all about season 5, episode 4 of BBC’s Merlin, “Another’s Sorrow”!

– Hypable staffer extraordinaire and Imprint Podcast co-host Andrea Salazar is our special guest this week! She kicks off the show by revealing how Pam suckered her into watching Merlin in the first place!
– We get you all caught up on the latest Merlin news including recaps of cast appearances on various television and radio programs to promote Merlin‘s 5th season
– Pam applauds Colin Morgan’s impeccable taste in music and makes a music plug of her own
– Patricia and Jess fantasize about how amazing a Doctor Who/Merlin crossover would be
– The episode synopsis for episode 6 has been revealed early! The hosts ponder on what exactly awaits Arthur and his knights in the mysterious Dark Tower
– Jess leads us through a recap and detailed discussion of this past week’s episode of Merlin, “Another’s Sorrow”
– The hosts delve into Morgana as a character– is there hope for her to redeem herself or is she too full of hate to go back to the girl she once was? Do we think there will come a time when she is more powerful than Merlin or powerful enough to rival his magical strength?
– Patricia leads us through our weekly teaser talk for next week’s epsisode, “The Disir”
– What exactly is the medallion we see in the trailer for 5×05 and do we think it has magical properties?
– The episode teases that Merlin will have to “make the hardest decision of his life”– could this decision have to do with the long awaited magic reveal?
– All this and more are discussed in this week’s episode!

Got a comment, question, or theory related to Merlin? Be sure to leave them for us in the comments below or reply us on Twitter @TalksCamelot so we can include YOUR thoughts on upcoming episode of our podcast!

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