Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #50 – Glease 2.0 (Live)

Hosted by John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman, Roxanne Clark, Mitch Clow, Natalie Fisher,

November 17, 2012

Glee Chat celebrated our 50th episode in style: our first ever live show!

Live on YouTube via, we came together and had our first ever live show featuring John, Jessica, Natalie, Roxanne and Mitch! Check out the replay of the live show below, or listen to the audio-only version!

Make sure you listen to the end of the audio-only version for a brand new Glee Chat feature brought to you by 2 amazing Glee Chat listeners Simone and Mairead! AND…a very special clip from Abraham Lim from The Glee Project season 2!

So here’s what you can expect from episode 50 of Glee Chat:

– It’s our first ever live show!
– After a couple of kinks we finally stabilize the show!
– We rehash episode 4×06 “Glease”
– We take all kinds of listener/water comments about Glee and episode 4×06 “Glease.”
– We announce a new giveaway featuring Blaine Anderson iPhone cases
– Why is it that Marley can only be redeemed by a man?
– We debate a little about whether or not it was right for Unique to be taken out of the musical
– We all weigh in on what musical we hope Glee does next year
– Natalie claims that “Beauty School Dropout” was the best number Glee has ever done
– We read the synopses for upcoming “Dynamic Duets” and “Thanksgiving” episodes
– We read a very sweet e-mail from our friend Claire who was stuck in NYC during Hurricane Sandy
– We goof off but what else is new?

If you listened to the end of the audio-only version of episode 50, you heard Abraham from The Glee Project season 2 talking about his upcoming show, All Of The Lights! Click here to buy tickets, they’re only $15 and let us know if you end up going to see him, Nellie, Michael and Cameron on December 9th in Los Angeles!

Looking to advertise on Glee Chat or E-mail Glee Chat host John Thrasher at [email protected] Questions or comments about Glee or Glee Chat? Leave them as a comment below this post and we may answer/read them on our next episode!

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