Episode #5 – The Amazing Superbowl Trailer(s)

Hosted by Jimmy Bean and Jeff Martin

February 9, 2012

Jeff and Jimmy return from a short hiatus to discuss not only the new trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, but also the Superbowl trailer for ‘The Avengers’. What big things did you accidentally miss in both trailers? Find out!

-Jeff and Jimmy start the podcast by watching the new trailer to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and talking about why it has upped the ante for the film.

-What will Peter Parker be like now that he’s Andrew Garfield?

-We’re point out how the film is already differing from the comics and how some things from the comics can and cant work.

-Is Spidey leaving his mark all over New York? We talk about ‘The Mark of the Spider-Man’ as well as the secret website name hidden in the new trailer

-We jump right into the new Avengers trailer and discuss what we see at length.

-We bring up Maria Hill and how Colbie Smulders is playing her before we get sidetracked by talking about How I Met Your Mother. Worst nerds ever.

– Who are the baddies? We discuss where the trailer revealed that they must be from, as well as some other options.

– We venture into new territory by discussing the upcoming confirmed sequel to X-Men:First Class and what the title of the sequel could possibly be.

-Be sure to stay tuned through the end for a very special Easter Egg that seems to be annoying Jeff.