Episode #5 – TVD: Growing Pains

Hosted by Sonya Faria, Tariq Herzallah, Roxanne Clark

October 16, 2012

We discuss the premiere of Vampire Diaries through each character and their roles in the episode with your hosts Sonya Faria, Tariq Herzallah, and Roxanne Clark.

– It’s all about Elena, why did no one want to save Caroline or Tyler from turning?

– Would Jeremy rather have a dead sister than a vamp one?

– Roxanne makes a point on if Stefan will continue to love Elena as passionately now.

– Damon & Elena, Tariq doesn’t mind it but both Roxanne and Sonya are excited to see what else Elena will remember.

– Klaus gets his body back, Roxanne wants Tyler dying, dead, gone.

– Will Caroline really fall for Klaus after the stunt he pulled?

– Rebekah redeems herself in Tariq’s eyes, he’s not an Original hater anymore! Almost.

– We’re on Team Matt, stop blaming him, Damon!

– Bonnie is yet another character Roxanne wants dead. Do you agree?

– We try to figure out what happened to Grams.

– Apparently it is possible to save someone from becoming a vampire.

– What’s Bonnie’s new source of power?

– We’re sure we haven’t seen the last of the pastor (or pasture, as Tariq says)

– Is the town vervain-less?

– A theory that April will be the pastor’s daughter.

– Listener feedback.

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