Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #48 – 1 Year Anniversary

Hosted by John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman, Roxanne Clark, Mitchel Clow, Natalie Fisher, Megan Stoll, Coty Wiley and occasional guest hosts

October 15, 2012

In honor or Glee Chat’s 1 year anniversary, we’ve got a very special episode!

This episode was submitted by Glee Chat listener Mairead Nguyen in honor of Glee Chat’s recent 1 year anniversary on September 15, 2012! The episode features some of our greatest highlights from episode 1 all the way through episode 38! Check out some of our loudest laughs, our awesome cohosts, our fans of the weeks, and much much more in this very special episode!

Huge thank you to Mairead for taking the time to put together this amazing episode, which surely took a lot of time! Our listeners are the best!

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