Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #47 – Back To The Start

Hosted by John Thrasher, Natalie Fisher, Mitchel Clow and Roxanne Clark

October 5, 2012

Dry your tears Gleeks because John, Natalie, Mitch and Roxanne have an all new episode of Glee Chat! Join them as they rehash episode 4×04 “Break Up.”

Have you stopped crying yet? Is your sobbing too loud and you can’t listen to the newest episode of Glee Chat!? Well calm down because we’ve got an awesome show for you! Check out what we’re talking about on episode 47 “Back To The Start”:

  • We rehash episode 4×04 “Break Up”
  • Natalie finds an inconsistency with the brothers Puckerman
  • Why is Blaine so upset about Kurt being too busy when he’s the one who pushed Kurt to NYC in the first place?
  • We’re glad Glee didn’t victimize Blaine
  • Can Santana really come home to do her laundry that often?
  • How the hell does everyone get to all of these locations so quickly!? Natalie Google Maps everything for us.
  • How similar was Blaine’s performance of “Teenage Dream” to Darren Criss’?
  • Did we love the live vocals that aired during the TV performance better than the iTunes studio version?
  • Natalie brings up some deeper psychoanalysis regarding Blaine’s potential addiction to sex
  • What the hell was going on with the cinematography during “Don’t Speak?”
  • Why is Will so ridiculously self-absorbed to never have had a serious conversation with Emma before applying?
  • This better not be the last we see of Santana!
  • Our hearts break the hardest for Brittana. By the way did they actually break up or what?
  • We reminisce on the evolution of all the characters in the couples and how they’ve truly grown from kids to adults on the show
  • We all agree that the last scene with Rachel and Finn shows an amazing Rachel that we’ve all been waiting for
  • Is Kurt who he is because of Blaine or because of himself?
  • John reads the letter Darren Criss posted on his Facebook thanking fans for his amazing life
  • Natalie talks about the evening she spent with Darren from this summer
  • We talk about Warblers casting news
  • We read a couple of sweet emails from listeners in our Glee Chat Mailbag

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