Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #46 – Blamazing!

Hosted by John Thrasher, Natalie Fisher, Mitchel Clow, and special guest Tariq Herzallah.

September 28, 2012

This week we continue with the guest hosts as Sorkin Series podcaster Tariq joins John, Natalie and Mitch on Glee Chat as we rehash episode 4×03 “Makeover.”

This week’s episode has tons of awesome chit chat about this week’s very interesting episode of Glee. Here’s what’s coming!

  • We introduce Tariq to the show!
  • We announce the winner of the Deleted Scene Box Challenge. Check out the winning video on
  • We all love the dynamic between Kurt and Isabella; John’s happy to have Sarah Jessica Parker on the show
  • We talk about Blam and how we absolutely love them
  • Compare and contrast Cassie and Isabella who couldn’t be more different
  • John doesn’t like the Lena Dunham joke that was made towards Rachel
  • John finds more reasons to believe Ryan Murphy is listening and it has to do with Sam’s comments about Blaine’s bowtie
  • Some of us think Sam looks better with his clothes on
  • Did Brittany secretly want Blaine to win the class presidency the whole time?
  • We talk extensively about fan fiction, shipping, and how Blam was part of the “fannon,” a term Natalie will define for you
  • We touch on whether Kurt’s true passion was NYADA or fashion (or both) again
  • John finds a potential foreshadowing symbolism of things to come when Rachel and Brody are singing on the High Line in New York City
  • Everyone hopes Will gets on the National Board so that he goes away forever
  • Why was Rachel roasting a duck if she’s a vegan?
  • John finds a very clear parallel between Rachel and Brody and a specific scene from Sex and the City

Special thanks to Merina for coming up with such an awesome submission for the Glee Chat Listener Challenge! We will have more of these throughout the year so be sure to listen for you chance to win! For now, check out the deleted box scene with John playing Blaine and Mitch playing what sounds like a pre-pubescent Kurt!

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