Glee Chat Podcast

Episode #45 – Megan 2.0

Hosted by John Thrasher, Jessica Chapman, Mitch Clow, special guests Megan Stoll and Megan's friend Lisa

September 23, 2012

Megan is back y’all! But only for this episode. Join John, Jessica, Mitch, Megan and Megan’s friend Lisa as we rehash the latest episode of Glee, “Britney 2.0.”

We’re so excited to have Megan back on the show. She invites a friend, Lisa, on to the show who is also a huge Gleek! Here’s what you can expect from this action-packed episode.

  • We welcome Megan back to the show for 1 episode!
  • We welcome Megan’s awesome Gleek friend Lisa to the show!
  • John talks about how he is harassing Zack to be on the show full time.
  • We rehash episode 4×02 “Britney 2.0.”
  • We try to figure out if Kurt and Rachel could really be living in a huge apartment like that in Bushwick.
  • There are a couple of more interesting moments on Glee that make us wonder if the writers are listening to our show and throwing us bones to show they’re listening!
  • John tries to explain how the ambiguity of Unique/Wade forces us to not judge a book by its cover.
  • It turns out the acoustic version of 3 is the best acoustic version of a song about threesomes ever.
  • John wonders if Britney Spears and her camp are going to be okay with this episode since it highlights a lot of the darker moments in her career and personal life (which are separate things).
  • Surprise: we are all obsessed with Brody.
  • Will the lip-sync performance come back to bite the Glee club in the butt?
  • We all adore Kate Hudson and are starting to enjoy Cassie in a unique way.
  • Mitch has a very clear creative outlook for what Lea Michele’s solo album should look and sound like.
  • John predicts a grim future for Finn based on real-life scenarios that American families go through when loved ones go to the war.
  • Glee Chat Fan of the Week
  • Senseless singing of Britney Spears songs

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