NATWP Podcast

Episode #4 – They Really Need To Work On Whispering

Hosted by Karen Rought, Natalie Fisher and Tariq Herzallah

November 21, 2012

Natalie and Karen are joined by a special guest host – Hypable writer Tariq – to discuss episodes 1×05 and 1×06 of Teen Wolf, along with current news and season 3 spoilers. In this episode we manage to reference A Very Potter Musical, The Vampire Diaries, Spider-Man, The Princess Diaries, Once Upon A Time, Charmed, Pokemon, Buffy, Avatar, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because we are cool.

Recap of 1×05, “The Tell.”
– Favorite quotes.
– For apex predators, Scott and Derek are really bad at stealth.
– We’re surprised Allison’s necklace wasn’t made of some sort of werewolf Kryptonite.
– Was this episode the high point of Scott and Allison’s relationship, and is Allison being 17 really that big a deal?
– Stiles and Scott: is their friendship balanced, or is Scott being too presumptuous?
– Was Lydia really damaged enough to be drugged up so severely? Also, we discuss the different implications of Stiles’ visit and how he took her phone.
– Is the Hale house structurally sound enough to do pull-ups off of? We implore Derek to check into a motel.
– The Kate/Derek stuff is starting to get super awful, especially if you’ve read the tie-in novel On Fire. Also, the Alpha may have killed Laura, but did the hunters cut up her body after death?
– The entire parent/teacher conference scene is brilliance, and we explore the hidden mysteries surrounding Stiles’ first name.
– Does Chris Argent know Scott is a werewolf yet?

Recap of 1×06, “Heart Monitor.”
– Favorite quotes.
– Dylan O’Brien’s physicality as an actor was off the charts in this episode.
– Are Kate’s methods in trying to enlighten Allison about their secret world appropriate/justified?
– Derek hangs out in the bedrooms of teenagers. We can’t wait for the day he gets an intervention in regards to his life choices. Once again, we advise him to press charges on the Argents and collect on the collateral damage.
– Jackson does not know how to do friendship, or life, really.
– Allison’s comfort as Scott’s anchor: are they like a less dysfunctional Rumbelle?
– We discuss Stiles’ emotional maturity in regards to both sex and love. Also, Stiles is a feminist, and therefore a gentleman and a scholar.
– Different werewolves have different anchors for their power and control: what would Derek be like if his anchor was more positive?
– “Your crap has infiltrated my life.” We discuss Stiles’ involvement in the whole werewolf situation, what makes a hero, and Stiles giving Scott the Spider-Man speech.
– Will Stiles build up extra abilities: either supernatural, weaponry, or martial arts?
– At this point in the series, who did we originally think was the Alpha? Harris vs Deaton vs Peter.

– A Jeff Davis Twitter Q&A has us questioning the whole ‘humans in the pack’ thing.

– The Stiles Hair Debate: our poll, our preferences and how much it really matters; or how hanging onto fanon tropes too much could lead to losing enjoyment in the actual canon.

– Hypable’s BattleShips! Sterek and Teen Wolf made it through the first round and on November 22 they will be up against Damon/Elena of The Vampire Diaries. We need your votes! Also, we might have accidentally scared Jeff with our BattleShips enthusiasm.

– We theorize about Jeff’s small spoilers regarding episodes 3×02 ‘Chaos Rising’ and 3×03 ‘Fireflies.’

– We read listener feedback, where Tariq weighs in on the different Alpha forms, we realise that Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries could possibly be existing within the same universe, and we talk about whether Stiles or Danny would make a good werewolf – and if we’d want them to be turned.

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