Episode #4: Dangerous Valentine

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Jen Lamoreaux, Sonya Faria, Sarah Maloy

February 15, 2012

The fourth episode of Secret Diaries Chat is here! Listen to the hosts discuss the latest episodes of The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, ‘Dangerous Liaisons ’ and ‘Valentine’!

This week all the hosts are back! Selina, Laura, Jen, Sonya, and Sarah begin by discussing the episodes and responding to some listener comments from last week’s show. If you want to skip ahead to The Secret Circle part of the podcast, it starts at about the 24:00 minute mark.

In the discussion of The Vampire Diaries 3×14 ‘Dangerous Liaisons’, Selina, Jen, Sonya, and Sarah discuss:
– The new developments in the Damon/Elena and Stefan/Elena relationships
– Is Damon too controlling of Elena?
– Is Damon back to being the bad guy and Stefan back to being the good guy?
– The dynamic between Klaus and Caroline
– Our views on Klaus’s relationship issues
– Does Rebecca have feelings for Matt?
– Why didn’t Elena tell Elijah about Esther’s plan?
– How we feel about Esther/Finn/Kol after this episode
– Whether or not we think Esther’s plan will work
– And so much more!

In the discussion of The Secret Circle 1×14 ‘Valentine’ Selina, Laura, Jen, Sonya, and Sarah discuss:
– How we felt about Diana as a free spirit
– The difference between the magic on this show vs. other witch shows
– Is Melissa physically or emotionally addicted to devil’s spirit?
– The changing dynamic between the girls of the circle
– Possessed Adam and the Cassie/Jake/Adam dynamic of the church scene
– The crushing of the medallion and whether or not the power is really gone
– How does Faye really feel about Jake and Lee?
– Where the heck are the adults?
– Much, much more!

In the listener feedback section, the hosts discuss whether or not they think Elena and Matt could ever get back together, the original doppelganger, whether or not Jeremy is killing the council members, a listener clears up Lucy’s role with the witch hunters, which show was better this week, and was the medallion used to seal the parent’s power away!

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