Episode #3 – Earth’s Mightiest Trailer

Hosted by Jimmy Bean, Patrick McCoy, John Thrasher and Jeff Martin

October 17, 2011

Last Tuesday, the brand spanking new Avengers trailer struck the internet as hard as Thor’s hammer. In this episode, we go frame by frame through the trailer and talk about every second. Did you see Loki’s secret weapon in the trailer? Why do some of us think this was the best trailer of the year?

In this episode, we play the trailer and analyze every fanboy thrilling moment. If you would like to follow along, use the video below to keep up with us!

Some questions that we pose and answer:

-How did Mark Ruffalo look in the trailer? Will he top past Hulks? Why?

-What is making all of those cars at the beginning blow up? Could it be the lasers that show up halfway through?

-Where will the Avengers set up base? Stark Tower? Another undisclosed location?

-Why are Cap and Thor fighting?

-We discuss what the trailer probably looks like to someone who didn’t know that thiswas coming

Some things you may have missed from the trailer:

-Did you catch a special glimpse at Loki’s secret weapon?

-Who is Loki throwing through that window? Hint: It isn’t Captain America.

-The Quinjet makes an appearance and not only that, but it’s crashing.

-Cap is firing a new-fangled automatic weapon! He is also dressed like Jeff’s grandpa.

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