Episode #3: Bringing Out the Medallion

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Jen Lamoreaux, Sonya Faria

February 6, 2012

The third episode of Secret Diaries Chat is here! Listen to the hosts discuss the latest episodes of The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, ‘Bringing Out the Dead’ and ‘Medallion’!

This week it’s Selina, Sonya and Laura (joined by Jen later in the show) discussing the episodes and responding to some listener comments from last week’s show. If you want to skip ahead to the Secret Circle part of the podcast, it starts at 28:00 minutes in.

In the discussion of The Vampire Diaries 3×13 ‘Bringing Out the Dead’, Selina and Sonya discuss:
– Who’s trying to kill off the council members?
– Candice Accola getting all the good scenes
– Matt’s purpose on the show, the possibility of a Matt/Elena romance
– Will we ever meet Tatya?
– All through history, all the conflicts have revolved around a doppelganger
– How tense was that dinner scene between Damon, Stefan, Klaus and Elijah?!
– Alaric’s role as a father figure to Elena
– The shocking return of all the Originals
– and much more…

Laura and Jen join in for the discussion of The Secret Circle 1×13 ‘Medallion’, and topics include:
– Who was Lucy? Was she really a psychic?
– Why did John Blackwell need a personal psychic?
– Cadam, Cake and Fake, oh my! Sonya hopes the show will move away from all the romance
– The adults’ game of ‘Pass the Crystal’: is Charles actually the best person to have it?
– Did Melissa take over Faye’s storyline?
– Adam’s role as the voice of reason
– and again, so much more.

In the listener feedback section, the hosts defend their love for Klaus, talk about the horrible parents in Mystic Falls, set the record straight on how many witches it takes to make a circle, and speculate about what will happen when Cassie finds out about Jake and Faye.

Contribute your theories and thoughts to the next episode of the Secret Diaries Chat by commenting on this post, emailing [email protected] or tweeting us @SecretDiariesTV!

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