Animation Addicts Podcast

Episode #26: Wreck-It Ralph – It Just Worked

Hosted by Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson, Mason Smith

November 13, 2012

This episode is dedicated to the wonderful world of video games! The Rotoscopers talk about this week’s animation news, discuss their favorite video games before heading into a lengthy discussion about Disney’s 52nd animated featureWreck-It Ralph!

■ Go to to leave a message for our Best of 2012 Show!
■ News: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Disney’s Wreck-It Ralphopening weekend numbers
■ Nerdy Couch Discussion: What were/are your top 5 video games growing up/today and why?
■ Paperman: everything they said it was going to be
■ Main Discussion: Wreck-it Ralph
■ Audience reactions and hype
■ What makes Wreck-It Ralph so much more successful than other video game-to-cartoon franchises?
■ Animation: Felix’s movements are quick and spry, what stuck out most? What did they change from the test screening?
■ The many worlds of Wreck-it Ralph: Fix-It Felix Jr., Game Central Station, Hero’s Duty, Sugar Rush
■ Ralph: John C. Reilly Inspired by Donkey Kong -Chelsea was right
■ Vanellope: Sarah Silverman- She stole the show
■ Fix-it Felix Jr.: Kenneth from 30 Rock -Morgan has some catching up to do
■ Sgt Calhoun: Jane Lynch- “She’s programmed with the most tragic backstory…”
■ Scenes of note: world design, favorite cameos/side characters, and quotes/gags
■ Chun Lee from Street Fighter lost her DJ job :(
■ Credits were the best!
■ Let’s rate it! Chelsea get’s out of her comfort zone