Episode #26 – Polyjuice

Hosted by Jessica Chapman, Mitchel Clow, and Andrea Salazar

March 7, 2013

Harry Potter references are a-plenty in the latest episode of Smash Chat! Join the Smash Chatters as they recap episode 2×05 of Smash, “The Read-Through.”

-Andrea believes that we’re supposed to see a change in Jimmy in this episode.

-Tom was too cute in all of his different roles in “Public Relations!”

-Was Terry a wasted use of Sean Hayes?

-How will Dangerous Liaisons tie back into Bombshell?

-Karen’s “Some Boys” song was a poor choice.

-Anna is just what this show’s characters need!

-Jess explains the different versions of Bombshell that are referenced in this episode.

-Which version of Bombshell will Eileen choose?

-News includes season 2 ratings continually dropping, Rosie O’Donnell revealing that the Tony’s will be faked for the season finale, and a fun audio clip with Smash‘s Jeremy Jordan and Glee‘s Jonathan Groff from Miscast 2013.

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