Episode #255 – Five Years

Hosted by Andrew Sims, Eric Scull, Micah Tannenbaum

July 22, 2012

The latest episode of MuggleCast has arrived after a re-recording was necessary (hence the delay)!

– It has been five years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published and we reminisce.
– Where does the Harry Potter fandom stand today?
– The Casual Vacancy cover – is it good?
– Hypable spoofs The Casual Vacancy cover to create Harry Potter spin offs.
– We review the first four chapters of Chamber of Secrets on Pottermore. What are our favorite features?
– We discuss what elements of Chamber of Secrets we hope to see in Pottermore in upcoming chapters.
– E-mails address last episode’s hot topics and more.
– Would we be house sorted differently at ages 11 VS a much older age?
– A Chicken Soup.
– Our Transcripts section is now 100% up to date. Thank you to our amazing team!
– Podcast plugs: Alohamora, The Rotoscopers, and Andrew’s general entertainment podcast HYPE.

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