Animation Addicts Podcast

Episode #22 – Don’t Doubt the Dowser

Hosted by Morgan Stradling, Mason Smith, Chelsea Robson

October 8, 2012

The Rotoscopers kick off their spooky animated film month (aka October) by tackling Laika’s Coraline.

■ News: 13th International Computer Graphics Conference in Turin, Italy; Help us Plan our #Bestof2012 show!
■ New segment: “Catch and Fire” with Mason, “Rotoscopers make you choose!”
■ Audio book synopsis
■ Main discussion: Coraline
■ Studio Spotlight: Laika vs. Laika House
■ “From the makers of Nightmare Before Christmas…” = False advertising?
■ Not going to be fun and happy the whole time
■ Michigan water witch; what’s with the well?; Chelsea has dowse doubts
■ Characters: Dakota Fanning is “one of the gems or our generation”
■ Be careful what you name your children
■ Why Wybie? Should we like him? Morgan’s “Real-life Wybie”
■ The real parents vs. the “Other Parents” (aka the animated versionStepford Wives)
■ How Laika does amazing stop motion. “Captivating”
■ First impressions: genuinely creepy; parents beware!; not for kids
■ Major difference between the real life and the ‘other life’ is the gravy train
■ The Pink Palace: Coraline’s new house and odd neighbors
■ Chelsea’s rant: She’s all out of “nice”
■ Video games? Why?!…and what’s up with the cat?
■ Similarities to Alice in Wonderland and Spirited Away
■ ParaNorman’s blatant theme vs. Coraline’s deep thinker
■ Meaning of the button eyes?
■ Mason’s theory: Is it really a happy ending?
■ Fun quotes & listener responses
■ We rate it! 3 & 4 stars
■ Bloopers: No tangents guys, yoyos & groovin’