NATWP Podcast

Episode #22 – Captain Planet Alpha

Hosted by Natalie and Karen

June 5, 2013

Natalie and Karen discuss season 3, episode 1 of Teen Wolf, “Tattoo.”

Featured Song: “Dangerous Times” by Wildlife


-We’re so excited season 3 is here!
-Our favorite quotes.
-We wish we knew more about Meagan Tandy’s character.
-We can’t decide if the twins’ transformation was awesome or just really gross.
-We read a great theory from a listener about the twins and their backstory.
-We struggle to understand how exactly the transformation works and make some ‘90s references along the way.
-We absolutely love this new version of Scott, but Natalie has an issue with the tattoo scene.
-Animals are freaking out left and right. It’s definitely spooky.
-Cat suicide, guys. CAT SUICIDE.
-Why aren’t the animals afraid of Derek? Natalie has some thoughts about that!
-Why were the Argents in France?
-Those boys were not 14.
-We love that the principal is back.
-Melissa is awesome. We want her to be the whole pack’s mom.
-We love Ms. Blake already.
-Natalie explains why she thinks the Sheriff knows more than he’s letting on, but Karen’s not so sure.
-Karen makes a Twilight reference. Don’t hate her.
-Karen and Natalie are in love with Deucalion. Something is wrong with them.
-Why is Derek so protective of Scott?
-We wonder why Isaac’s insides don’t heal.
-Karen addresses the fact that people are annoyed with Scott’s obsession with Allison.
-We wonder what effect fire has on werewolves.
-Did anyone else notice that Derek has x-ray vision?
-Everyone is sad Meagan Tandy’s character died!
-We read a theory about Deucalion, Gerard, and Chris. And then we die.
-We talk about our theories for Meagan Tandy and the symbol.
-Is it possible the Alpha Pack don’t have Boyd and Erica?
-Karen thinks the symbol is Celtic and everything relates back to Deaton.
-Natalie gets distracted by Tumblr.
-What do we think about this Chosen One idea?
-What did we think about the episode overall?
-One listener thinks Meagan Tandy’s character is psychic, and we love the idea.
-We go on a little rant about how to pronounce GIF.

Want to know why Karen is screaming in the blooper? Check this out.

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