Episode #21: Please Jeannine

Hosted by Amanda and Kay

November 21, 2012

Kay and Amanda are joined by the recurring guest host and Twitter Goddess: Sam. Together they discuss everything and anything concerning 9×05: Beautiful Doom.

-Long distance is a thing and The Twisted Sisters are bringing it to a whole new level.

– Dr Thomas is amazing old school style and… Well… Let’s take a minute of silence for him. Don’t get emotional! Just be silent!

– Dr Whatever (Parker) is whatever-er than ever and Kay has had enough of his nipples!

– Does Cristina regret her decision to leave Seattle?

– Do we have our old Bailey back?

– Was Meredith’s way of coping underwhelming or just right?

– Was Dr. Thomas Yang’s ‘True Mentor’? Has she ever fought for anyone else like she is (and did) for him?

– And finally, what does the podcast sound like without our very emotional and at times strong-opinionated Frenchie?

*Special Note/Warning: The sound quality on Amanda’s parts are not good and we experienced many technical difficulties. We’ll be working in the future to prevent this from happening again. Sorry for the inconvenience.