Animation Addicts Podcast

Episode #21 – Interview with Don Bluth

Hosted by Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson & Mason Smith

September 18, 2012

The Rotoscopers interview the legendary animator and director, Don Bluth! Don shares his love for acting, theatre and–of course–animation in this intimate conversation conducted in his living room. He also starts off the show by announcing some big news for the show!

■ Is this the right podcast?
■ Not your typical Interview. Don interviews Mason!
■ Animation: a two-pronged performing art
■ How does acting help in animation?
■ Casting on the Wizard of Oz. Why is Don doing theatre?
■ Characters of Secret of NIMH
■ Why Don liked Pixar’s Up
■ Why Don thinks the world doesn’t need any more movies
■ What characters have been his favorite/most dynamic over the years?
■ What is the bigger picture of animation?
■ Pinocchio: “Everything comes in. Nothing goes out”
■ How did Don help animators “see past the paper”?
■ Turner Classic Movies vs. reality TV
■ Why doesn’t Don rewatch his own films?
■ Orchestration of color
■ The darker side of the Disney Studio
■ Don on animal characters and live-action reference
■ Disney’s Robin Hood: where Don got his “legs”; Sleeping Beauty: weak story?
■ 3 areas where the computer can not replace an animator
■ Don talks Pixar’s Brave and Disney’s Tangled
■ Animation Master Classes and tutorials
■ Dragon’s Lair app and the movie. Myth or not?
■ Interactive movies: Somebody’s gonna do it!
■ Movement, (It all comes out in the walk), the blue note, & talents