Episode #20 – Aladdin – Take Off Your Clothes?

Hosted by Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson & Mason Smith

September 4, 2012

The gang is finally back for a classic Rotoscopers episode with their review of Disney’s Aladdin! Also join in for the animation news and a discussion on the impact of celebrity voice actors.

■ News: The Minions spin-off film, Partysaurus Rex short, Finding Nemo 2 officially announced
■ Mini Nerdy Couch Discussion: Do we really need a Finding Nemosequel? Is Pixar coping out?
■ Real Nerdy Couch Discussion: Professional voice actors vs. celebrities? Do celebrity voices really add to an animated film?
■ Voice acting is like a seasoning–it should enhance the film, not take away
■ How Aladdin & Robin Williams was a pivotal moment for celebrity voice actors
■ What characters were you surprised when you realized who did their voice?
■ Morgan & Chelsea’s experience meeting the film’s directors John Musker & Ron Clements
■ The movie really takes off once the Genie appears
■ Every single scene has either a great quote or great gag
■ Chock full of awesome characters “that have grinded their way to Disney immortality”
■ Jafar: his design & inspiration, would someone like Jafar really associate with Iago?
■ Genie: the ultimate minor character in any Disney film, the merchant peddler, favorite moments
■ Conundrum: why didn’t they just pass the lamp around & get some free wishes before releasing the Genie?
■ Music: Howard Ashman’s mark all over the songs, lots of deleted songs, the “cut off your ear” drama
■ Controversial elements: European designs, The Thief and the Cobbler rip off, “good teenages, take off your clothes”
■ Aladdin: original younger character design can still be found in the film
■ Jasmine: not that great of a disguise, “The Kiss” is the best Disney kiss
■ Sultan: young at heart, what’s with the “mystic blue diamond”?
■ Conundrum: Aladdin touches the carpet. So is the carpet not a treasure of the Cave of Wonders? Did Aladdin and Jasmine get married at the end?
■ Mason conspiracy theory: Return of Jafar is a dream and didn’t really happen
■ Why wasn’t Robin Williams in Return of Jafar?
■ Childhood memories with Aladdin merchandise
■ We rate it! ★★★★★
■ Bloopers: Buddy, all on mute, the title explained

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