Episode #2: Third Time’s the Charm

Hosted by Selina Wilken, Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Jen Lamoreaux, Sonya Faria and Sarah Maloy

January 31, 2012

We’re back with the newest addition to the Hypable podcasting network, The Secret Diaries Chat! This original show is dedicated to in-depth discussion about the CW dramas The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle.

The hosts of this show are Hypable writers Selina Wilken (also from Hunger Games Chat), Laura Byrne-Cristiano, Jennifer Lamoureux, Sarah Maloy and Sonya Faria.

Although our shows were on hiatus last week, we still had plenty to talk about. In this week’s episode we talk about our favorite three episodes from each of the two shows.

– The four hosts from last week, Selina, Laura, Jen and Sonya, begin by introducing themselves and welcoming our newest host, Sarah. Our format is similar to last week: first we talk about The Vampire Diaries, then carry on with our Secret Circle discussion!
– If you only want to listen to the Secret Circle part of the show, skip ahead to 40:00.

The Vampire Diaries, now in its third season, had many possibilities when it came to favorite shows. Different things stuck out in the minds of our hosts:
– Why did favorite cast members have to be killed off?
– Respect for Stefan/Elena
– Nina Dobrev not getting as much credit as she deserves
– Bonnie and others having consequences for their actions
– Shipping main and minor characters
– And much more

The Secret Circle was a little different, seeing that it’s only in its first season. The hosts were in more agreement about their favorite episodes, finding these commonalities:
– Nick’s death and the element of real danger any episode
– Faye’s intriguing backstory
– Cassie’s exploration of dark magic
– Ethan, Dawn and Charles being a lot more complex than anyone bargained for
– Just scratching the surface on how the parents were killed
– What is John Blackwell really like and who is the second Blackwell child?

We made sure to incorporate your viewer feedback into the show—we featured the tweets, posts and emails of several fans. We always want to hear from our listeners! You can chat with us by responding to this post or contacting us as listed below.

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