Episode #19: Jesus Timberlake

Hosted by Amanda and Kay

October 25, 2012

Back from a short hiatus; Amanda and Kay leap right into the hot topics that were offered to us by 9×03 “Love The One You’re With.”

The Lawsuit: For it? Against it? We can’t help but appreciate the cohesive way in which the group of damaged doctors take their decision.

The New Pairing : Is it too soon to claim that intern Jo Wilson (chicks with guy’s names are hot) is Karev’s new love interest?

Japril : Lead the ship? Jump the ship? We both still agree that we’re fans of April’s new found hhhhotness.

The Dream House: McMansion? Ecological disaster creator? The topic is so engaging that Kay forgets her English.

Crowen: Desperate cause or glimpse of hope found in an unexpected old man?

One Legged Arizona: Did the lost limb contain Arizona’s bubbliness or is there still hope for us to see her use her Super Magic Smile once again?