Episode #16 – The Dumbledore Effect

Hosted by Mitchel Clow, Jessica O'Neal, Megan Stoll, John Thrasher

May 8, 2012

Back right off of the heels of Monday’s penultimate season 1 episode, Smash Chat 16 has arrived! This episode was a recorded skype call, as opposed to editing separate files-although there shouldn’t be too much of a difference!

-Glee Chat host John Thrasher makes his Smash Chat debut! He remarks how odd it is to take a back seat while Jess takes the reigns.

-The recap includes many a-topics, including:

  • The awesome musical number Meg and Kat performed, titled “Smash”.
  • Mitch’s multiple references to “Avenue Q” continue
  • John makes a cool comparison between Eileen and Dumbledore from Harry Potter
  • We all relate how dumb it was for Karen to not notice that anything was wrong with Dev
  • Whodunnit? Who was the one that poisoned Rebecca’s precious smoothie?
  • We suggest that Sneaky Bastard must have been hiding in the Julia/Michael almost kiss scene. Think: “Where’s Waldo?”
  • Mitch and John bounce back and forth off each other about comparisons between Glee and Smash’s songs
  • We all come to the conclusion that it’s stressful to have to read text on screen on a TV show
  • -Previews include Sneaky Bastard getting fired by Eileen, someone taking pills, and the absence of Nick Jonas and Bernadette Peters.-News covers the charts for the Smash album on iTunes, the slightly dropped ratings for last week’s episode, and an EXTREMELY interesting blog titled “Smash: Fact or Fiction” [link].

    Here’s a picture Mitch took in NYC of the SMASH advertisement in Times Square back in December ’11!