Episode #16 – A Deadly Alliance

Hosted by Andrew Sims, Selina Wilken, Jeremy Baril

May 27, 2012

The latest episode of Hunger Games Chat has arrived! Listen as we discuss some of the recent Hunger Games news and dive into the listener mailbag.

Note: This episode was recorded before The Hunger Games DVD/Blu-ray announcement, so we will discuss that news on Episode 17.

– A ‘Hunger Games’ spoof will be headed to theaters.
– Kill, Maim Alliance returns.
– Would you uphold your own alliance? Andrew wouldn’t.
– We open up the mailbag to catch up on comments we’ve received about the past two episodes.
– Listeners address our Battle Royale VS Hunger Games discussion.
– The Foxface Theory: Did Foxface purposely eat the deadly berries?
– At the least, did she think she had a chance of winning at that point in the games?
– Whatever happened to learning Foxface’s real name?