Episode #15 – Battle Games

Hosted by Andrew Sims, Richard Reid, Selina Wilken

May 12, 2012

The latest episode of Hunger Games Chat is here, and it features a special discussion on The Hunger Games VS Japanese book/film Battle Royale.

This subject has come up on the show a few times since its inception, but never this in-depth. We also catch up on the latest news stories.

– In the United States, The Hunger Games is now the top grossing book to film adaptation ever.
– Francis Lawrence has closed his deal with Lionsgate to become the Catching Fire director.
– Why is Lionsgate searching for a new Catching Fire screenwriter?
– Our main discussion this episode is The Hunger Games VS Battle Royale.
– Richard provides us an overview of Battle Royale’s story if you haven’t seen it.
– DID Suzanne Collins steal any parts of the story? Did she even read or see it?
– Is this type of an idea for a story even original to begin with?
– Why The Hunger Games couldn’t do what Battle Royale did.
– Did Battle have too much violence?
– Are the settings very similar?
– We compare the themes in each. For example, Battle Royale is about survival while The Hunger Games is about rebellion.
– Which villain is scarier?
– And the biggest question: Which is the better film?

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