WhoHype Podcast

Episode #14 – The Great Waiting Game

Hosted by Laura, Natalie, and Jen

January 31, 2013

Our show is dedicated to in-depth discussion about the Doctor Who universe: show and cast commentary, filming locations, rumors, tie-in video games/other products, spin-off series and more.

Three of our regular hosts from around the globe are back on this episode.  Hypable’s regular Doctor Who writer, Laura Byrne-Cristiano leads the discussion with Jen Lamoreux, and Natalie Fisher joining in.

-Since we are in between episodes, we feature current news, predictions, and how we think Steven Moffat is doing.

-For current news we cover:

  • How we started a Doctor Who viral story
  • Mark Gatiss progress on the docudrama
  • Steven Moffat on giving up his Twitter and the TARDIS redesign
  • The Great Intelligence
  • Rumors on appearances by all 11 Doctors

– Moving along we talk about Moffat himself

  • What is the greatest asset he brings to the franchise
  • What are his weak points
  • Overall is he more of a pro than a con

As we say in the show, our listeners are the most important thing to us. We want you hear from you.

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