Episode #14 – Whales

Hosted by Coty Chanley-Jones, Jessica O'Neal, Mitchel Clow, and Megan Stoll

April 24, 2012

-Coty joins Jess, Mitch and Megan for a heated, intelligent discussion of this week’s Smash episode, 1×12 “Publicity.”

-Starting of quickly with our recap, we note how the new DiMaggio actor wasn’t introduced very well.

-Sneaky Bastard once again sets things in motion in this episode by doing all of the wrong things. Mitch threatens to punch his T.V. in frustration.

-Leo goes missing, causing an interesting debate over whether Frank and Julia should stay together for their son’s sake.

-The bar scene with Rebecca and Karen reminded us of The Black Swan a little.

-Megan and Jess explain to Mitch why Rebecca was building Karen up with a wonderful LOST “Sawyer ‘long-con’” analogy.

-The songwriters of Smash are really keeping up their end of the bargain. However the pop songs, namely the Bollywood number, don’t sit very well with the co-hosts.

-Was Dev in the right for talking back to Rebecca in the way that he did? Should Karen have done more to stop them?

-The girls re-create the sounds of whale-speak, as seen in Finding Nemo, and inspired by Eileen’s boy toy’s odd obsession.

-For next week’s preview, we discuss Dev’s engagement to Karen, the odd kiss between Derek and Rebecca, and the return of Michael Swift.

-News covers two interviews with Angelica Huston, a spoilerific synopsis for episode 14 (timecode to skip provided: 1:17:27), and poll/game on NBC.com.

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