Episode #14 – ‘Brave’ Review part 2

Hosted by Morgan, Chelsea and Mason

June 24, 2012

Editor’s note: Please welcome The Rotoscopers to the Hypable Podcast Network! The Rotoscopers is a podcast for animation addicts. Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Don Bluth & everything inbetween! Each episode, the hosts—Morgan Stradling, Chelsea Robson & Mason Smith—discuss the news in the animation world, an animation principle & have a hilarious in-depth discussion about an animated film. Join in for all the news & laughs in the world of animation!

Episode #14 is their most recent episode. Use the links below to grab other episodes, and look forward to all new episodes in the future appearing on Hypable.

■ Mason finally gets into an advance movie screening!
■ News: Wreck-It Ralph Trailer, Mr. Peabody & Sherman Poster, Disney’s Frozen announced with Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, D23 Destination D: 75 Years of Disney Animated Features
■ Main Discussion: Brave
■ Mason’s initial thoughts: stunning authentic visuals, great 3D, the hair!
■ The good and bad of 3D films: Thor and Madagascar 3
■ Legend of Zelda similarities: archery shooting range, will o’ wisps = stray fairies, Koume and Kotake
■ Act 1: Morgan was tricked by the bear spell, who is the bear?, too long, Scottish Boomhauer
■ Which son and Lord is your favorite?
■ Conundrums: Are the Lords relatives of Fergus? Are Fergus and the Lords descendants of the four brothers from the legend?
■ Is the film a ripoff or original?
■ Women in the castle: Elinor is THE authority figure, comedy relief maid
■ The witch & her hut: Pizza Planet truck, not a “bad guy”
■ Lots of Harry Potter voice connections
■ Biggest surprises about the bears and completely predictable scenes
■ Rude humor MPAA PG rating: lots of butts and boobs
■ “The Compromise Scene”: Merida still relies a lot on her mom at the end
■ The weirdest and most confusing part of the movie: the tapestry
■ Morgan thinks she has Pixar all figured out
■ Mor’du conundrums: confusing backstory, empty revenge on Fergus
■ Last fight scene: shows Elinor’s protective side, too short
■ Critics: “Disappointed in Pixar because it’s not an original story.”
■ Morgan’s rant on “this would be great if it were DreamWorks, but since it’s Pixar we expected more” critic mentality
■ Merida face character, Brave Barbie dolls, the Pocahontas Braided Beauty Barbie
■ Cheap Indian Brave knock-off: Kiara the Brave. Now at Redbox!
■ Our response to all the negative reviews: it doesn’t follow the “Princess formula” at all,
■ What we rate it!
■ Mason visits the King of the Hill production archives at TSU
■ Bloopers: can’t get Morgan’s name right, hearing voices, marry one of the things

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