ReWatchable is here for another episode! This week we discuss the twelfth episode of Firefly, “Heart of Gold.”

Don’t forget that this podcast is spoiler-free, featuring both Firefly fans and newbies. So it’s safe for everyone to listen!


-Kristen’s first impression. Laura likes it better in the re-watch than previously.
First thought was: Horses and hovercrafts, what a perfect example of exactly what makes FireflyFirefly.
-The foil house was…interesting.
-Was it jarring hearing Inara say the word whore?
-We love how everyone has their own role to do and the excel at it!
-How is Burgess’ wife alright with the whole baby from a whore thing?!
-Zoe wants the baby instead of Wash wanting it, we thought it’d be backwards. But we love it!
-Why did Mal sleep with Nandy?
-Super awkward Inara and Mal confrontation in the morning!
-Did Inara’s crying break anyone else’s heart?
-Kaylee and Wash’s plan totally failed, but we loved it.
-Mandy’s death was a great way of showing that in battle people die randomly and don’t get last words.
-Burgess was all about the baby and then he runs away without it. Hmph…
-The baby’s mother completely changed from the beginning to end of the episode. The kill shot was unexpected!
-The final Inara and Mal scene… yeah. Feels!
-Did we see her departure coming?
-Favorite scenes and lines.
-Fun facts.

How did you like “Heart of Gold”? How did you feel about Tracey by the end of the episode?

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