Episode #11 – Exclusive Interview with the ‘Merlin’ Game Creators

Hosted by Pamela Gocobachi, Selina Wilken

December 12, 2012

This special episode of Talks of Camelot features Senior Games Developer Leo Brennan and Junior Designer Luke Williams from Bossa Studios, who both work on creating and developing the amazing Merlin Facebook game!

Luke and Leo from Bossa Studios, the Merlin Facebook game
Luke (left) and Leo at the Bossa Studios


Selina and Pamela speak to them about the game itself, which we’ve both been playing (a little too much) and are loving, and we get some cool teasers about what fans can expect to see from the game going ahead – even after Merlin‘s final season concludes! Luke and Leo also share their predictions about how the show is going to end, and talk about their favourite scenes and characters.

Finally we discuss the big contest Hypable is going with Bossa, where one lucky fan can write a piece of dialogue between two Merlin characters which will be featured in the game! Read all about it and find out how YOU can participate!


– How the Merlin game was created
– Our favourite parts of the game
Merlin dancing
– Fan reactions so far
– How the game will continue Merlin‘s canon post-series 5
– Theories about how the show will end: will Arthur die? Will they all reincarnate?
– Teasing Colin Morgan’s mysterious contribution to the game
– Why they are fans of the show
– Favourite characters and scenes
– Could Nimueh return?!
– Shipping
– Introducing the writing contest

Don’t forget to check out Hypable’s big Month of Merlin celebration master post, where you can find links to all of the articles we’ve written so far, including our Merlin spin-off wishlist.

Like the Merlin game on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @MerlinGame for fun teasers and updates! And of course you should also be following @TalksCamelot for more information about the podcast as well as all the best Merlin gifs and stories we find around the internet!

Have you played the Merlin game yet? If so, what is your favourite part?

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