Episode #13 – And I Am Marilyn Monroe

Hosted by Mitchel Clow, Jessica O'Neal, Megan Stoll

April 17, 2012

Uma Thurman guest stars in this episode of Smash for real this time around! Meg, Jess and Mitch gathered together to talk about everything that went down in Smash’s 11th episode!

-We get the show started by talking about the role Mitch was awarded in “The Music Man”, along with the new puppy Megan just got! (See the cute picture below!)

-Debates are sprinkled all throughout this episode, including why Ivy was fired from Bombshell, the quality of the music from Bombshell, and everyone’s favorite, C.D. vs. iPod.

-Mitch once again needs an explanation as to what exactly happened during Derek’s second vision of Karolyn.

-We rejoice at Sneaky Bastard digging himself into a huge hole with Rebecca’s publicist.

-Karen v. Dev, round 2! And the winner is…no one! Because they both suck!

-We talk about our respect for Sam’s character—Megan claims that “all of the good guys are gay!”

-Megan investigates and discovers that Uma was pregnant during the filming of these episodes, perhaps leading up to her lackluster end of episode performance and hideous Marilyn outfit.

-News covers an interview with Sneaky Bastard’s actor, Uma’s transfer to the small screen, and another spoilerific episode synopsis (the time code to skip spoilers is 1:42:47).


Here’s the pic of Meg’s new puppy Swarley!

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