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Episode #13 – Team Kanima

Hosted by Natalie, Karen, and Danielle

March 6, 2013

Natalie and Karen are joined by special guest and listener Danielle to discuss episodes 2×07 and 2×08 of Teen Wolf, along with current news and season 3 spoilers.

Featured Song: “We Must Be Killers” – Mikky Ekko, used in “Raving.”

Danielle introduces herself and explains her Skype icon, which is a picture of her and Keahu Kahuanui (Danny).

*NOTE:* We spoil who the Kanima master is. If you haven’t watched “Party Guessed” yet, don’t listen to this episode!!

Episode 2×07 “Restraint”
-Why does Jackson feel the need to swallow a snake?
-Natalie is pretty sure the Kanima is getting bigger. Danielle wants to know why Matt accompanied him on a kill.
-What’s the probability that Jackson’s parents were murdered? We discuss what Jackson’s story could have been about if Colton Haynes had stayed on the show.
-We love Scott’s mom. Also, we love how the show doesn’t make a big deal out of the fact that Scott and Allison are having sex.
-Why did Allison think it was a big deal that Scott had to leave to help Stiles take Erica to Derek?
-We still hate Harris. A lot.
-Was that emotion in Derek’s eyes when Scott said he’d join his pack?
-Was Lydia actually talking to herself, or were all of her interactions with young Peter in her head?
-Since Lydia was Peter’s backup plan, does this mean — when he bit her — he did something else to her?

Episode 2×08 “Raving”
-We like seeing Stiles working with his father and can’t wait to see more of this in season 3.
-We think the vet was being a little evasive when he said he wasn’t a witch.
-What exactly are the properties of the Mountain Ash? Danielle gives us a history lesson.
-Harris is still creepy. And we still hate him. A lot.
-Mrs. Argent has crazy eyes, and she scares Karen.
-All three hosts pretty much agree that these two episodes are where Isaac and Erica become better people.
-The difference between Gerard and Chris.
-Derek may actually, properly be taking care of his pack.
-What did the guidance counselor mean when she asked the vet if he was going to tell them something was coming?
-Was Matt being sneaky and throwing suspicion off of himself, or is he becoming afraid of his own tool?
-We take a moment to appreciate the epic Scott and Isaac bromance moment.

-Season 3 will premiere in June! The season 2 DVD will be out in May!
Talia, Laura, and young Derek will be making an appearance. An actor has been cast to play young Derek.
-The season 3 synopsis has caused some reaction in the fandom.
-The Alpha Pack has their own Betas!
-We’ll be getting more Boyd this season.

Listener Feedback:
-A listener is kind enough to explain to us that the opening credits sequence is not about how Derek bakes cookies when he’s angry, but is actually about him rising from the ashes of his past. Natalie and Karen are impressed.
-One listener thinks the Betas might rebels against the Alpha Pack and help out Scott and his friends!

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