Episode 12 – She’s totally PMSing right now (the movie review show)

Hosted by Andrew Sims, Richard Reid, Selina Wilken, Kimmy West

March 28, 2012

Hunger Games Chat is back for its big movie review show! Check out what our hosts think of The Hunger Games movie, giving our opinion on all the big AND tiny details of the latest blockbuster of 2012.

Join Andrew, Richard, Selina and Kimmy for a live-recorded episode as we discuss:

  • The cinema audience and their appreciation for the movie
  • The cast and their portrayal of the characters
  • The demographics and revenue from the opening weekend
  • Who we liked, who we didn’t and who could have been better
  • How the movie compares to other book-to-film adaptations
  • Haymitch: Funny or serious?
  • The lack of violence and the shaky camera
  • The scenes added and the scenes lost
  • Listener comments and questions